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 **Known Glitches**

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**Known Glitches** Empty
PostSubject: **Known Glitches**   **Known Glitches** EmptyThu Nov 17, 2011 8:19 pm

Ok... So first off.. Id like to tell you guys that we are not that smart when it comes to editing the forum to way we need it. we are new at this, so bear with us Razz

**Known Glitches list**

- A few of the Button seems to be In Spanish

- When Replying to a post... All of the other posts that you have replied to, show up in the quote.

Look back here for more updates! Very Happy

EDIT:New game is out.
There most likely will be a few glitches here & there like every other new game.
Please post any glitches on Bugs category. confused
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**Known Glitches**
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